10 August 2010

The Sun

chris burney used to climb all over his bass whilst playing in a combo by the name of ashtray. a little touring on their part led to him playing alongside tim easton and, long story short, ending up bored in LA. this in turn led to him writing some songs, natch. i guess the '1999' collection of tunes is pretty much these demos, cut in chicago with some wilco dudes. this then led to labels almost giving a shit, so chris called some friends back in columbus (incl. sam brown of feversmile etc etc and eventually brad caulkins of monster zero etc etc) who flew out to LA to actually start the band (other possible names: "zeppelin," "the stones," and "the dead"). they got signed to warners and put out an ep called "love + death" (which i'll dig up soon). years passed and another ep called "did your mother tell you?" showed up. tracks from that ended up on the bizarrely marketed but pretty much completely whupass "blame it on the youth" lp (and dvd) (not cd tho') and world domination was imminent. or not. shows were played, dudes moved back to columbus, dudes moved away from columbus, dudes started other bands, &c. more years passed. down to a trio, the sun played a small handful of (incredible, i must add) shows and recorded a more concise and almost as whupass followup lp, "don't let your baby have all the fun," and without any fanfare pretty much ceased to exist. chris currently fronts dead indians (or adult fiction) (or whatver they're called today) with the rhythm section of greenlawn abbey and sam fronts you're so bossy with phil and jovan from haynes boys; caulkins is in a band called fool's gold out in LA.

don't let your baby have all the fun.
blame it on the youth
did your mother tell you?
defeated unicorn
digital palm trees
teenage commie
ohio tigers