30 June 2013


i honestly don't know what happened with the phantods. more than ANYONE since rc mob they seemed perfectly primed for so-called alternative stardom. perhaps they're simply proof that no matter how good and/or willing to play along you are, no-one but no-one can "make it" via the traditional channels in col's, o. there just isn't enough true support from any of the necessary entities (radio, press); it's akin to swimming upstream pretty much. i mean, a band that packs 500 people in whenever they play (esp. in a town where yr lucky to get 50) shouldn't hafta get a letter-writing campaign together EVERY time they want a single played on the local "alt" station. it's complete bullshit. is it any surprise, then, that the bands col's is known for haven't really played nice (read: cared about cultivating much of anything beyond an audience of their peers) in town (times new viking, vile gash) or have just moved away (roland kirk, rjd2)?

anyhow, i fucking love the phantods. you should go send them $$ on bandcamp or whatever. early mr. bungle-worship with a side of pre-120 minutes stardom liz fraser-isms gave way to more trad late-period emo arrangements and modern power hooks, but they tread the lines expertly. i don't get tired of them 45 seconds in like with someone like paramore, and they're certainly less cliched than a band like damone (who i really do also dig) and better at throwing around horrorpunk touchstones than the always-clumsy-in-that-respect alkaline trio.

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