07 April 2010

Girly Machine

self-titled lp, courtesy of a new pal who figured a dub of my cassette copy just wouldn't be tech enuff - and whattya know, he's right! he rilly needs to write th' notes to this he said he would cuz all i'm gonna tell ya is that bobby petric (concurrently of TJSA) is on guitar & dana (concurrently of scrawl) is on drums.


Midwest Records and Tapes

here's a mixtape made by kyle siegrist (who you know from lost weekend records) sometime in 1994 that i found in a bag of regala's cassettes. excellent stuff, reflects how his tastes run in local music (tho' it also has bob dylan on it). some nice rarities, some beginnings of songs cut off…typical mixtape action! many near-future posts here represented (action family, barbed wire dolls, knumskull, pica huss) if you need something to whet yer appetite/get you jazzed.

edit: had to replace th side a download because it was corrupted in some way. unfortunately, this means that th new file is missing th first song. many apologies. if i find th original file someday i'll replace it again.

side a
side b

three studies for a crucifixion waste of tape!

velocity - recorded 7-26 mixed 7-27-94. others recorded 10-08 mixed day after turkey day 94 by adam smith @ cv electronic music studio in vienna, wv on tascam analog 388

this is only a representation. no, it is not mixed and equalized to perfection and you'll probably think that this sounds crappy. maybe it doesn't sound like the new quicksand cd…it shouldn't. we sound crappy live, so it is sensible that these recordings would sound crappy. as much as we could, we wanted to make these recordings as true to us as we could. we did most of it all ourselves (with the help of a wonderful adam smith). no pressing plants, no music studio idiots. one song was recorded where we practice (in my garage) and the others in adam's house (with a skillful use of the kitchen, living room, and bathroom). we didn't quite know how to make the actual plastic tape…maybe if macguyver was in the band he could make them out of duct tape and dry leaves. this is only a shitty attempt at capturing the feel of the music. i can't really decide if it is worth going through all this trouble just to make a recording i'm not completely satisfied with. actually, i can't really find too many reasons for making the recordings in the first place…except to try to share what we feel…but i kind of doubt that we're unique and that people could actually get something from us that they couldn't get somewhere else. so basically, i don't know what the fuck i'm doing, but i'm trying to figure it out. impossible. jumbled and confused, this is a representation of us. maybe someone will get something out of this mess…
maybe we'll get to play the monsters of rock tour next year…


Don Bovee's cassette single

February 27th, 1999 - a magical nite in Columbus pop-music history. This was the nite when DON B sat down with us to share a small portion of what we've all come to know and love.
We were there THE POP QUIZ, THE CUZACKS, PAT DULL, representatives from BLATENT FINGER and THE LOLIPOP FACTORY, THE "COLENEL" SETH MASSING, and many dear and important friends. As the nite began to pass into dawn and the party ball began to cease flowing its magical elixir, DON B blessed us with a stirring un-plugged performance of his trademark "BATMAN"
This recording is for fans of DON B everywhere!
DONALD RAYMOND BOVEE - you drank with us, you sang with us, and then we called you a cab. -may you live forever-

Producers note: due to the impromptu nature of this event, only one microphone could be secured for this recording. During mix down a small amount of delay and frequency shift were employed to create a "mock stereo" - this was only done to make the listening more pleasurable and not to unintentionally degrade the integrity of the original recording. Also the artists' creativity was not governed in any way so all distorted sounds on this recording are intentional.

BATMAN take 1 (rehearsal, recording level check)
take 2 (best)

*all misspellings reflect original liner notes. this file includes sides one and two, 'cause even tho' they're the same program nonetheless they sound a little different. you'll wanna listen to it over and over anyways.