19 May 2010


ok as promised here are them wild wooly revelers lps, except for the best one (hard times, sunday spirits), which i'll get to asap but i only gots it on vinyl so it takes that special xtra step. boogie!!

better get hit in yer soul
91st street stomp
on top
day in, day out

…and finally!:
hard times, sunday spirits

Pillowbiters 'Better Luck Next Time'

more than the sum of its parts? well, it'd be hard not to be with these losers. along the lines of the good grunge-era punk bands (derelicts, pipe, seaweed) and if it weren't fer the staggers (and, later, smashysmashy) the most misogynistic columbus bullshit this side of ron house's feverdreams. recorded another ep (it's pretty country, what) before we (yeah, like, sorry) stopped doing anything. insufferable.


Sunshine/Moonshine Room

sometime/where between grave blankets and fey gods lies sunshine/moonshine room and i like it best of all nick & lula's crazy good/weird psychorubble. it's never what's on the surface with those two but what lies just beneath and i don't mean that in any way that seems cliche - nor am i referring to the everything's-just-a-bit-behind-everything-else sonic qualities they stomp all over and out. i mean they're pretty much always gonna be likened to some kinda garage idea of things but when you play the eric davidson game with 'em it's just fucking impossible 'cause i mean yer past two influences in the first second, like fifty swirl by in less than a minute and you realize they aren't even able to think about their record collections once they get going and then they just stop dead when you think it's stretching out or play forever when you think it's the two-minute "hit"…blissfully confounding. dustdevils and shimmydisc fans take major note.


Marvin The Robot 'Hands To Ourselves'

MILES LIVES! i'm sure he has pretty much everything he's ever done available somewhere on the interwebs for ya but here's a great one with songs about girls and parties and all the other good stuff that'll make ya sure to wanna track down all the others (and oh, there are others) and also send miles loads of yer $$. i can't figure out where the hell he's is coming from about 80% of the time and for that i'm quite glad.


Kentucky Click

relatively short-lived don't-bother-callin'-'em-stoner-rock combo with marcy (scrawl, duh) mays on guitar and craig (datapanik, duh) regala on throat. more than anything they sound like rose tattoo, but there's rhino bucket, mid-period riot, stepson, april wine, and any amount of other influences in there, all filtered thru a really nasty we're-so-punk-we're-not-even-punk-anymore thing that just kills me. appr. 85,000,000x more necessary than anything rollins ever did outside tell the occasional joke.


The Flukes 'Nocturnal Emissions'

devillain, in th' alive:

The home-recorded set sounds tossed off — not as if its makers slacked off, but rather like they didn't think too hard. The blend of lo-fi scrappiness and a slight punk sneer calls to mind Superchunk's nervous tension and Built to Spill's early work, when Doug Martsch sang with doe-eyed sincerity and a trace of menace.

Nocturnal Emissions isn't some breathtaking masterpiece, but it gets deeper under your skin with each listen. New favorites emerge with each spin — the full-throttle pop-punk of "Kamikaze," the brooding build of "Heat Lightning," the melancholy waltz of "Twilight Rendezvous."



The Black Cloud

three songs that function as a demo/foundation for the patterns of static "no more america" cd later released on datapanik after these guys realized there were a million other bands called what they were and denied my suggestion of "the brak crowd". over the course of an entire album this stuff can really wear out yer ability to differentiate (as regala noted about the our flesh party disc), but taken in smaller doses (like yer gettin' here), it's fucking menacing and mesmerizing stuff.


Audible Detonation!

dunno why but i always wanna put an exclamation point after their name…audible detonation (!) went from different lineup to different lineup and back again (even pretty much changing their name to the fancy lads, tho' in a certain sense that was a different thang) but this is from my fave period of their existence and includes the bonafide disco sensation "party town" as well as a killer version of the motown/mod/motorhead classick "leavin' here". we met these guys because a few years ago if you put the sonics in myspace as a search strain in the influences category and limited it to within fifty miles of columbus, they were the only guys who showed up.


The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

pretty much this amounts to demos for the slumps lp due out sometime in the next decade on mind of a child/datapanik but on the right days i think these are the better versions. jay from crazy ray/pillowbiters and heather from the rackets.


The Kyle Sowashes 'What's Important (And What's Not)'

well since everbuddy's buddy kyle & his band of merry dudes who look quite similar to him are releasin' a new rec this wknd i figgered i'd dig up one a half-decade old and let ya feast yer ears till at least friday. ain't no one in this town able to even approximate th' magickal melange that comes natcheral to kyle - he's just the damned finest fellow you could ever hope to meet on top of the fact that he books some of the best shows ever ignored by the greater populace of this burg and at the same time he has an emotional intensity level somewhere around 600% of the normal human bean which he focuses on the neverending stream of constantly hi-quality gems he seems to effortlessly sweat from his busy, busy pores. AND he recommended me a wonderful dentist! i'm sure that if you wanted to you could buy all of kyle's releases still, and i would recommend you do so, preferably from th' man himself.


Miracle Mike Sings!

not a crooner so much as a forward-thinkin' power pop cheenius, cpt. mike here performs th' singular miracle of playin' all th' instruments hisself - at least i'm assumin' that's th' trooth since he's on th' insert beggin' YOU to call him up and start a band with 'im. he does quite a fine job but i do wish the band he'd got together soon after woulda stuck it out a little longer and graced us with a platter cuz they were frockin' white hot by the end o' their run. they's playin' in widely disparate combos nowadays to be sure and i'd detail it all fer ya here 'cept it's late an' i don't feel much like doin' it. this is th' kinda stuff that'd be on breakup were that still a going concern for mr. dull (owner of his own post here in not too long) and that's a compliment and a recommendation. and as far as that powerpoop thing goes, file under unconventional/unsung/uncommon.


Columbus Power Squadron (The Band You Wish You Had In High School)

so i heard this very not so good version of "needle in the camel's eye" on th' little steven crappe at werk and man it just makes me hope the world hears what can really be done with that song (namely, keeping it from not sucking) like in the case of our dearly departed power squadron here. i'm not over-super-crazy about the bookenders on this ep (of sorts) but that's i think just cuz the stuff oreoed in th middle is killer/Killer/KILLER!! go watch the tall dwarfs video for "nothing's going to happen" with the squadron's version on instead and it'll make you even happier, i guarantee it*. and where the hell did those angelick harmonies come from on "odditty" you ask, since they waren't never there before? well straight outta th' asses of mssrs. wyatt, indeed. dueling vocals overdubbed AT THE SAME TIME. necessary for brotherly luv quotient.


*no guarantee expressed or implied


this tape isn't nearly half as good as they are live but i mean, what is, right? it's still major rad & it'll give you an idea and hold ya over since they don't play all that much in the first place and now the two people who don't play drums (in this band, anyway) are having a kid so maybe we'll see them even less for awhile but maybe not, who knows?


The #1 Most Columbus Song Of All Times

sort of a timeout here since i'm not uploading any significant amount of this band's recordings since i can't find 'em (i'll work on that). anyhow this song was so rocking me earlier that i just hadta put it up. alright? sure there are a ton o' songs that reference columbus neighborhoods, bands, restaurants, minor celebrities - whatever - but post-beano, pre-sweatheart and barry & the eastenders guitar/guitar/drums band the roman look takes the cake in my book with their dig on the personal preferences of a certain guy in a certain other band…


18 May 2010

Day Creep - Exposed To The Universe

so while we've been trying to find the time to get the day creeper lp mixed and while tic tac totally has been trying to find whatever it is they need to find in order to get the day creeper 7" released, aaron just went and recorded a whole record of his own of all genius new stuff and it will offish blow yer mind. it keeps reminding me of outrageous cherry but then i have to remind myself that outrageous cherry were good for exactly one record (sorry scoppa) and aaron hasn't even done one thing that's even remotely not awesome.

(p.s. this is brandnew and aaron probably still has some and would probably really appreciate it if you gave him a few $$ for one so next time you run into him be real nice and tell him i sent ya, 'k?)



most new-zealand-ass band from columbus like evar and yes that is fucking saying something but they've way got their own thing going and it's gotdamn magick. the kind of band that makes it look so stupid easy that you get all excited and then sit down to write like thirty songs all jazzed and then realize you aren't gonna come anywhere close, but that's okay, just give up and go see pizza slayer again. [note: they're called turquoise feeling now. -ed.] yes this is probably my favorite band in columbus of alltimes. one of these files is a tape from the basement of saltair II (rip) and one is a live broadcast from wruw (natch…and stick with the interview, it gets super) but you want both of them and also to quit yer job or get a new better one and give these guys all yer $$.

download 1

download 2

the blog that started it all

Night Of Pleasure unreleased album

i guess this getting released as a cassette isn't happening, but it's supposed to be a 10" anyhow, so somebody give them a buncha $$ (S R S L Y) cuz this is fucking amazing. some weird song titles, but 3/4 of the band were there with me makin' 'em up, so you know it's legit.



17 May 2010

Barbed Wire Dolls "Anthology" cassette

limited edition of ten. comps their releases (conveniently taped off their seven-inchers!), plus an unreleased tune and a live set. jeff started action family after the band broke up and booger eventually moved outta town to sing for alabama thunderpussy, tho' i'm partial to his stones-worship combo devil's choice.

I put out this comp after I interviewed Joe Maples and Johnny Bernardo for MOO magazine. BWDs were me favorite band during the summer of love (1987? - i can't remember, although I do recall me 'n' Jim Weber being at Apollo's 'bout every Tuesday nite that summer to see 'em). During the interview, Bernardo gave me this cassette of Black Cabbage (the unreleased song) on a third generation bootleg Cameo cassette - he didn't even tape over the word "Cameo," so for all intents 'n' purposes he was giving me a Cameo cassette. Anywho, the comp was just a public service for the people of earth. [Pat Dull]


Evil Queens Werewolves demos

(sorry no awesome memorex here!)

the queens stopped into duane hart's record retention studios for a few nites before deciding to head back to workbook to cut the lovesong werewolves album. here're some mixes i threw together months later along with the 4track demos they cut themselves weeks prior. includes ripping cover of stupefyingly great bigfoot number "rory's story".



Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments demos 6/10/95

yes they're from that awesome memorex. recorded at magnetic planet by craig dunson, natch. much more wicked than straight to video turned out and the first track never made it past here. essential, no kidding.

download mirror

RJD2 vs. The Braxes

as i remember it, this is rj's second tape, but i have no idea what the first one is called or what it's like as this is the first one he gave me. this one's pretty much just him cutting records he digs together live to the tape deck with a crudhouse party on the brain!



Gaunt…But Not Forgotten

EVERYTHING from the eric barth/jeff r. era that isn't on a 12", including comp tracks, demos, 'whitey the man' and two live sets. transferred from vinyl, cd, cassette, and vhs, SOME people have bitched about the sound quality on some of the tracks. i certainly challenge them to track these records down and do it one better. (and i wish ya good luck finding the unreleased stuff and the live sets!) perhaps they will indeed find that here in col's in the early '90s THINGS JUST SOUNDED LIKE SHIT. (pretty much still do.)
part one part two part three

10 May 2010


ok so i'm writing about them for overlooked in ohio and boy are they. anyhow here's their initial stuff - the cowtown ep, their three 45s (including the split with GBV) and their track from the for yer ears only eardrop cd, plus a live track! you can still buy th' slumberland (plz don't read that bio - the split with gbv was not their debut, matt played bass in the turks, and they were around prior to '93. excellent work there…) cdep…but the records sound better.