25 December 2015

Jeff Kleinman solo set at Café Bourbon Street, December 24, 2015

Last nite after gettin' home from my folks' I was gonna wander down to Dick's Den as I sometimes do on holidays but I of course dicked around at home for three to five hours and by the time I was actually at the door I gotta txt from Jeffy about this funny video I sent him once and then he said he was playin' at Bobo so I went over and recorded it. Fuckin' set was killerdiller no lie and the tape turned out excellent. This is some up-to-the-minute shit here, my friends. And if ya wanna hear the sound of Nervosas losing every single one of the people who have liked us in the past, take a gander to the last song in the set, WHICH JEFF WROTE YESTERDAY PRIOR TO THE SHOW. Also included are a coupla 'vosas chunes off the last lp (one with a Drake sample), a Gamma World number, a Pink Reason cover, & a coupla bangers from Jeff's auld prog combo the Slide Machine.

Btw Nervosas are playin' on the radio from CD102.5's Big Room Bar on Jan 4 which means you can actually come to the show or just sit and listen to a couple songs on yr radio if yr interested in either of those sortsa things. Perhaps we'll just let Jeff do it, this shit is gooood.

last day of the sun

Rax presents Christmas with McGuffey Lane (cassette)

Hey I heard ya missed me…I'm back!! And since this here blarg was conceived at least 100 years ago during this same season, AND since I've had this here chrisssmuss tape just burnin' a hole in mah, I dunno, pile of junk over there in the corner for what seems like years (it's actually been years), well it just all added up to it bein' HIGH DAMNED TIME to fire up the turd polisher™ and get some more INCREDIBLY NECESSARY digital files of central Ohio musical CHEEnius into yr earholes asap. Again. Which brings us to the cassette at hand.

Now I don't give a shit about the history of McGuffey Lane and neither do you so I'm not gonna spend one hot second of my precious* time (*not actually in any way valuable) lookin' around the inter-whatever-the-kids-call-it-now for info but yeah I mean they're one of the few ever Col's bands what signed with a major label and they're kind of probably maybe our heroes of our landlocked version of yacht rock so really yeah I at this point should have spent way more time with their records and should know all there is to know but I don't, so yeah whatever. Their guitar player owns a studio where I mixed a GbV single with one them Nini brothers once. Once. Scrawl made a record or two there and so did American Dog. And that's about all the trivia I've got.

But LUCKY FOR YOU none o' that matters when yr just lookin' to listen to some sweet chunes and here are some prime for the fucking season, A GODDAM CHRISTMAS MIRACLE MINI LP BROUGHT TO YOU BY FUCKING RAX. (For all you youngsters, Rax is like Arby's and they useta be all over the place and actually if you go to Lancaster or like past Circleville on 23 you can still go to one. Some people recommend it. My friend Susan's sister useta run one and I just found out my buddy Mitch useta work there. Small damn world.) So um on to the music, like it doesn't matter what I say here cuz yr gonna download this, I mean how many Col's Christmas albums are there really? But I'll do my best to sell it here, basically you need to know this was made in 1986 and at that point it seems the McGuffey dudez had - like so many folks had around then - met some people with drum machines and shit so this here tape is positively riddled with then-modern sounds and stabs at momrock radio play (think REO Speedwagon or I dunno, some halfcrap soundtrack or whatever) tho' a lot of the rec is still acoustic guitars and piano and shit like I think we all have a right to respect from muskrat lovers like the Laners (and oh yeah they make an attempt at a mandolin/synth strings version of "Greensleeves"…did it influence the ECC? WHO KNOWS). Personally I just hope this little record sees some kinda resurgence and "It's Hot This Christmas" starts getting played everywhere in place of that goddam Paul McCartney ultraturd or any of those asslords covering Wham!


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