27 March 2010

Red Hypergiant

there was a guy - i think on donewaiting - who said as he walked into a room where red hypergiant were playing he felt like he was walking into the nineties, which isn't altogether in-apt. there's a bit to jeff's voice that reminds me of the dude from the origin, pat's bass is that little bit more fluid and funky than you would expect for the loud-quiet-loud tunes, and you can just tell the drummer wants the group to find another dude so he can switch to second guitar - as with all nineties groups.



Our Flesh Party - Manifest Destiny

regala, in moo:
jesus, the difference between this disc and their previous one, gadfly, is well served by the difference in the titles. a great rock slurp at the modernist nip with aggressive playing, sonics and general textural hum that bring to mind a couple units I thought were gonna catch fire a couple years ago: orange 9mm and quicksand. actually manifest destiny has some rubbery motion that belies a youth poking some sorta funk/rock veggies around the plate, can't tell if they ate 'm 'er not but there is a completely subsumed groove gibber (less obvious than say, rage's) that blows up quite nicely and rides guitar riffs and drum bashing within fully formed tunes. i am impressed, even if this is a collage of "what they like" i don't care, it's good. if they sorta stumbled across the true urge to rock out 'cause there ain't-nothin'-to-do in a sleepy ohio cowtown more power to 'em. i have been told barkmarket was one of the singer's favorites and i can certainly hear it in both the tone and production, but there is an energetic metalloid edge to manifest destiny that seems to be band synergy rather than carefully scripted studio patterning. i also would put'm on stage with souls@zero (=wraththchild america -ed.), molly maguire, helmet and tool and expect'm to do themselves proud. no doubt the guitar guy could really dig into a big black tune 'er two to limber up. my one gripe is the density and attack stays within style so consistently it loses some impact as you get past the 8th track, not that the tunes are weaker, but you've been whacked in the ass enuff to get kinda numb by then. overall don't worry about that, the good stuff could make a turtle jump and nothing will bum you out. best hard rock record from a columbus band in '97? sure. my pick? "jack russell terrier."

evil queens is/was this band reformed, minus costa (who went on to salthorse and the rackets and sweet melons), plus eric (who had been in swivelarm battlegrip)(watch these skies).



two song demo. they're called something else now.


Jim Shepard - The Evil Twin

cassette. iron press, 1996. more shepard stuff later. this one's my fave.


26 March 2010

QUEERCORE U.S.A…In The Pursuit Of Young Cock

lordburger live at stache's. there, i spilled it.
limited edition of four!