12 September 2012

Guided By Voices 'Crying Your Knife Away'

sleeve notes:

Bela Koe-Krompecher's 26th birthday party at Stache's in Columbus, Ohio, June 18, 1994. The party actually started at 3:00pm in Bela's backyard. Kegs were flowing and Pete Jamison manned the grill while Bela's grandmother (beer in hand) presided over the whole affair from a La-Z Boy in the middle of the yard. Records were traded, lies were told, and perception was severely impaired. Around 10:00pm the party went mobile, stumbling a few blocks away to Stache's. The drink of choice was Rolling Rock, and before GbV took the stage at least one band member caught a nap.

recorded, edited and mastered by Dave Doughman
house engineer Tera Stockdale
all songs copyright Needmore Songs (BMI) except last song (not from same show) by The Breeders, copyright Period Music

[note: this is ripped from th original vinyl - green & yellow wax]