15 July 2011



as i was running in all th' hairy patt stuff i figured i wouldn't stop with just their track from this comp since th' others are so good. released on blank generation outta williamsburg, oh in 1996. also features the beel jak, lee harvey keitel band, & slur (whose track is one of my favorite, favorite lost fuzz-pop tunes of th' '90s - if ANYONE can tell me more about them or send some more songs over, i'd be deeply indebted to you).




here's all the vinyl i have from these guys. missing th' split w/whiteouts, i have no idea where that went. my copy of th' 'belly fu oh happy whale presents' rec is pretty jacked but i mean you can listen to it. anybody wantsta send over th' two cds i'll post 'em. yup. tons more stuff from jason and hpb over at red hour (i've warned you before).


14 July 2011



anyone who enjoys this website right here might wanna think about skipping over to th' horny records site, as well as all th' sites linked at th' bottom of their page. records downloadable over there include (as of today):

GRAFTON:Jumpstart Wire
VESPIN: Model Citizen
OWL: Lifted
SPIVEYS: By Caeserian
BOB CITY: Bob City

which means i don't hafta run in th' spiveys record. joy!

horny records website

12 July 2011

Magician Killer 'Hoodoo Dub'

pretty much my favorite blistering noise record of all times, different facets rise and recede with each listen, of course, but the pure chakra-fuck that some of the frequencies have on yr very soul coupled with the caffeine-got-nothin'-on-this magick of the sometimes almost indiscernible beat machine tempo fuckery will have you cackling maniacally at its genius in no time. had a field day listening to this while reading theo ellsworth's mind-bending 'capacity' book on the bus at least 1000 years ago and i suggest you do the same. morpho-weirdo. none better.


08 July 2011

A Planet For Texas


got-damme do i l-u-v th' way this record sounds! such a perfect destruction of th' prolly purty nice 'n' shiny rec. w-shop master by way of another shitty musicol pressing, this thing fucking SHREDS. "snatching kisses…" damn! anyhow, if ya dunno, APFT were one of th' things that was goin' ahn in th' late-'90s - a time when some people would have ya believe there was nothing goin' ahn. they is wrong. ike from dogrocket joined up with reasonable steve (now in sick thrills, when they feel like existing) and th' gunn brothers and came up with some kinda blitz-speed concept that involved aliens and th' southwest, i dunno, but it was GREAT. they made another 7" - a split w/bobcity - and a coupla full-length (i still chuckle everytime i write that) discs and traded one joel for another before they snuffed out of existence sometime before little brothers did. i don't have th' other records anymore but i'll post 'em if anybody wantsta send 'em over.


Lost Bob City, 1998


in july of '98 donovan asked me to record his band at bernie's. i took my reel to reel down there only to find that the desk wasn't gonna accomodate both a recording and live sound, so i ended up only running th' handheld tape recorder i'd brought to cover any problems with the reel. the resulting tape has four unreleased songs on it as well as a cover of motörhead's "jailbait" (which, along with "am i evil?" was a staple of their earlier shows).

a month later (august 28, 1998) bob city came over to the garage behind my house and recorded a few songs they had been working on. lyrics were still being riddled out inbetween takes and little pieces of new tunes (some of which are preserved here) were constantly fooled around with. this tape (also known as 'little ball') never saw anything but a rough mix to cassette (eventually lost, o'course) until a coupla months ago, but is the first "studio" recording the band did; a short while later they made a few trips down to the recording workshop and knocked out the stuff that became the burnt herd 45 and the 'softball'/'hardball' discs.

after awhile bob city got themselves a new singer and morphed into a more traditional '70s-styled metal band, another foghat update for punks growing back into their redneck roots, but when they started (and especially right around the time these tapes were made, when they were writing their second batch of songs) they were their own twisted vision: a lurching, heavy, and downright scary (jeremy is, to this day, the absolute loudest singer i've ever recorded - taking off the headphones in the middle of a take was frankly borderline terrifying) - both in terms of how just plain good they were as well as how sinister their riffs and lyrics could be. of course they weren't without humor - in many ways they're the rock take on whatever nine pound hammer is the punk take on - but they weren't a schtick. and it's probably about time you drained off that last mason of 'shine and opened up th' windows so th' neighbors can get in on this shit.

little ball
bernie's, july 31, 1998

07 July 2011

Pillowbiters 'I Don't Even Know You And I Hate Your Guts' EP


p-biters' second and final recording, this time a five-song ep of MONUMENTAL proportions. or just a pile of sparkling mud-punk from some dudes pretending to be more talented and smarter than they were and fooling no-one.


Bigfoot 'Dark Old Days'


with rick allen's article about th' recent long-overdue release of the bygones' second lp right here at mtf also heralding th' reissue of ugly stick's first two cassettes, we have ourselves what's commonly referred to as a perfect time to discuss a record that might be seen as th' link betwixt those aforementioned recordings. somewhat similar to but a touch closer to my heart than the jayhawks' incredible 'tomorrow the green grass', 'dark old days' is too much good to be absorbed in one sitting; it's the polar opposite of those hip-hop double cds with roughly 3-4 mins of quality juice that were so common back when this record was released, a 45-minute long work of such depth that it seems to take up yr entire afternoon. likewise, it ain't a good background record - you'll just keep skipping back to th' beginning of th' last song over and over. hell, you'll do that anyway. and if "hey nadine" - spiritual cousin to the dexateens' "cardboard hearts" and glossary's "only time will tell" in th' heavenly family of album openers - doesn't climb right under yr brain blankets and live with you for th' rest of yr life in holy blissimony, you might not actually be living. a daily affirmation of a record.


Scrawl 'Nature Film'


combo that's less 'best band in town' and more 'too fucking awesome to belong to one locale' gets new drummer and major label deal, re-records some shoulda-been-hits, lays 'em down alongside some new ditties and a CHOICE cover and makes th' best record of their career.


Washington Beach Mayor Sergio Pantalone 2008 Re-Election Benefit Comp

three years ago we ran a campaign for the re-election of an official (under an assumed name) who had never served before to an office that didn't exist in an imaginary borough. the scoot-a-que then gave away a benefit compilation disc. a sadly lost (not anymore) document of a moment and corner in the great time-space continuum that is col's rock band schmistory.


06 July 2011

The Revelers 'Hard Times, Sunday Spirits'


here's that last revelers record i've been promising for-effing-ever (not their last, just the last of theirs that i hadn't posted…the rest are here & here). 'hard times' is the best recording they ever did, and unfortunately i don't have the weird japanese pressing with them doing "pressure drop" (!) on it. seek it. lemme know how it turns out.