31 May 2011


obviouslies bandcamp = pay what you want (nothing is a viable payment) for recordings in whatever digital format you like…any donations go towards pressing vinyl. and/or buying pizzas.

hit it!

also, the 'brokedance' cassettes exist. should be at lost wknd &c by tuesday. still "wish for you" 45s left too. ask kyle or go to a show or something.

26 May 2011

The Rackets

so today i finally came to the conclusion that i'm never gonna mix or 'release' th' record the rackets made; i mean i did a rough mix of one song for costa the other day and that was painless enough but i still don't have any real interest in revisiting that stuff. we weren't a happy band; we weren't happy people…well, ok, we weren't like miserable all the time - we had some pretty great times, come to think of it - but that don't change the fact that most of it was about things that went wrong or were going wrong, and sadly lacking in any possible solutions except the ever-present get-the-fuck-out. more than that, anyhow, it was about drinking and scattering our presents and our futures (nothing doing with the past - it's always gonna be there) to the cosmos with overamplification and large-caliber gunshot drums (i like to think that sometimes we succeeded) - and what does a record have to do with any of that? in any case sperry taped us playing at comfest, summer of '07 - what would, though we didn't know it then, be pretty much our last show - and while there are the requisite amounts of flubbed notes, offkey vocals, inside jokes with friends in the audience, guitars falling steadily outta tune and wonky monitor levels (as one should expect at an outdoor festival run by semi-inebriated - yet by no means apathetic or anything less than highly skilled - volunteers with seventeen time constraints at a time hovering all around their heads), it's a pretty good document of us in general. if yr into that sorta thing.


25 May 2011

Lestat 'Grave Desires'


back in the early '90s this tape would always be sitting in the bin at mag's; i dunno why i always noticed it but for some reason every damn time i went i'd be thinking, "there's that damned lestat tape, still." anyhow i don't remember who actually BOUGHT the thing or why i ever heard it but i did, once or twice…my memory fouled it up a bit so when i got it from halfprice awhile back and threw it on it wasn't quite as "good" as i thought. of course by '91 th' conventions of what we useta call "industrial" music (tho' what this has in common with einsturzende other than maybe that beating-on-a-girder sample they stole from nitzer ebb is anybody's guess - but heck, "EBM" ain't all that much better) were well in place and this band was way into followin' 'em wherever they may've lead (i.e. right onto that 'goth box' and nowheres else). it ain't a bad listen if'n yr into this kinda thing and lard-knows there weren't all THAT many greater combos eminatin' their moody soundscapes from PARMA HTS. at the time but gimme that 'within the realm of a dying sun' tape instead, myself, anyday.


New Bomb Turks


if you like rapidshare and i don't but if you do there's a place where you can get pretty much all th' turks stuff:

part 1
part 2
part 3

so instead of posting any of that here's mp3s off a tape labeled 'austin city limits 5/94' that i found somewhere.


photo credit: jay brown, duh



i think this is not the tape everyone wants to pay for. so here, don't pay for it.


17 May 2011

Married Life Quarterly, Autumn 2010 Bonus CD


Washington Beach Basement Blues put to tape by an unknown band and found in an alley by me about 5 years ago when I was making a "living" recycling scrap metal. Out of the 400 cassettes of early '80s radio talk shows I found behind some North Campus apartments, there were about 5 that I accidentally discovered had jams on them.

Really awesome prychedelic crud here. Great old man vocals. Check. Crappy drum machine rehearsal tapes. Check. Ugliest solos ever. Yeah. An entire zonked live set in front of an audience of like 5 friends. That's here too.

-van fleet

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