20 February 2012

Daniel Gold 'The Magnanimous Cuckold'

EXCELLENT 1996 arp-based mini-lp from th elusive dan gold. misplaced my copy years ago and had been telling myself i'd pick up th next one i saw - which i had th opportunity to do at spoonful th other day. cheers to ruland!


19 February 2012

Ass Ponys 'Electric Rock Music' + "Earth To Grandma" CD5

homespun EXPANDO edition of major label debut includes non-alb' traxx from one of th two singles released off th rec. should you be in po-zeh-shun of th other ("little bastard"), do please send it over.


Peter Laughner

"he catalyzed a scene in Cleveland that, one could safely say, is the virtual blueprint for the independent music scene, even today."

not th type of guy to enter reliable studios on a regular basis, pete made sure to keep most all of his genius a COMPLETE SECRET for all his years (much like his good pal l. bangs), but th fact remains that whatever his musical motivation at any particular time, th guy helped INVENT PUNK ROCK (dubious achievement that it is) AND NEW WAVE AND POSTPUNK (AND he DIED before any of those even gained a foothold in th popular consciousness!) all during a coupla years when most people just wanted to forget that rock'n'roll ever fucking existed in th first place, and for that he deserves a goddam giant statue in tower city, yet hasn't even been "awarded" entry into th "rock" "hall" of "fame" just up th street. gawd humans is stoopid.

Take The Guitar Player For A Ride (not my rip, CBR 192, 18 tracks including both 'vinyl-only' tunes)

Setting Son (CBR 192, not my rip)

Friction at Pirate's Cove, 11.2.76 (not my rip, CBR 256)

Ass Ponys 'Grim'

here ya go, th second ass ponys release on okra and their last before jumpin' to a MAJOR LABEL, back when major labels still had a coupla guys/gals with HEADS ON THEIR SHOULDERS workin' for 'em.


(VBR around 192, not my rip. somehow th first two songs got switched both in order and in title. i'm sure you can figure a way to rectify this.)

09 February 2012

Beano (Secret) Demo

here's th only thing beano actually 'released' in our "career" - and even then only in an edition of like eight at a neil house show. i think we charged a dollar. each one was in a different color/flavor, with th covers hand-traced (by me) from art thom did. most of th stuff on this probably appears on th beano cd i made to pass out at trevor's wedding, but i thought it was worth it to post this anyhow since i think most all of th takes are different. ALSO, this features two tracks (live at bernie's) with their original drummer!


Thom Lessner

i met thom OVER 1,000 YEARS AGO when i got asked to try playing drums for a fellow i had just met's recently-drummerless band. that was beano, we played for awhile. it was great. certain things led to us not playing anymore but that's a whole other thing. sometimes we still do. anyhow, nowadays of course thom has thee excellent SWEATHEART in philly and numerous art gigs like MAKING ALL TH POSTERS FOR TH SCHOOL OF ROCK or MAKING VIDEOS FOR THE DARKNESS but before that he spent a buncha years (starting in high school) four-tracking his way to obscurity. here are all th tapes i have documenting that endeavor:





notes: th 'guy smiley' tape was done, if i remember correctly, as a project for one of thom's classes at fort hayes. it marks th only time thom used a name other than his own for his solo stuff. th copy he gave me had a whole bunch of stuff on th b-side as well, so i've included it. 'the ashby stash' was in some ways a retrospective at th same time it was a collection of then-current recordings, so it shares some tracks with th 'guy smiley' tape. i didn't edit any tunes from either; i'm sure you won't mind. there are tons of guest stars on these songs, including rjd2, all of beano, peggy honeywell, sonya fix, & maika carter (she's married now, i know). i may have titled some of th unlisted tunes incorrectly, but that's how it goes, eh?

Peggy Honeywell "Bower Bird"

awhile back a buncha dudes got together to throw a raging kegger and watch peggy honeywell sing th same song a lot. forgot aboot it/couldn't find it/&c for years, but now here it is. shot in col's, you may recognize a buncha th buncha dudes.