16 October 2010



the small, charmed group of you who poke around here on a semi-regular basis are either familiar with jay brown's photography or need to be. every "scene" deserves a guy like jay - and every guy like jay deserves a scene. (you can try to make somethin' outta nothin', but i'll leave you to do the math on that one.) jay tirelessly documented the somehow both glittering and dingy rock'n'roll world around him - for the most part, here in col's - fer a healthy span in the '80s and '90s (and now again!), and to see one of his photos is to glean the largest portion of the essence of the experience that ya can without havin' been there. to get to the point, here's a note i got from him today:

Hey Nick,

Jay Brown here. I'm trying to raise some funds to put together a full blown traveling gallery show of my concert photos. I have some galleries interested, but I need to come up with the framed photos, and I simply don't have the funds. To do so, I've started a a project on the fund-raising site Kickstarter. It's kind of like pledging to a public radio station or something similar. Here's the link to it.

i can think of few endeavors more deserving. SO GET GOING PEOPLE!!!!

here's that link again!