14 September 2010

Army Of Larry

one day i'm a-gonna git my hands onna acid black tape, yessiree. till then plz go bug th' shiz outta larry aboot it:

well, it ain't the kiss army

also let's all hope there's some limb trial tapes laying around over there too.

Alive comps



the columbus alive newspaper thingy has had its hand in quite a few comps over the past, um, period of years, sorta filling a gap where/when th' cringe.compilations trailed off. here are two of them. no token vol. 3 is notable for, among other things, the inclusion of the fantastic orchestraville song that super desserts have been known to perform as of late; amplified happens to include one of the only you're so bossy songs anyone can seem to get their hands on.

download amplified
download no token 3

09 September 2010

Guided By Voices


you were kinda thinkin' this might happen, yeah? even tho' they're from a buncha minutes over thattaway from col's, bobco™ spent many an afternoon/evening more closer to here and even has a wayward member (<---i retain the rights to all unintentional possible new band names accidentally suggested by this post) or three living like in and/or around here. so were i to be a little less bored with running cassettes into th' computer right now i'd start both a short glob of stuff from them as well as the rumored bands-what-aren't-from-here-playing-here-taped-with-my-shit-handheld-tapemachine *NEW SEGMENT* i've been meaning to get to with th' tape of weird inbetweener ric ocasek lp lineup playin' at bernie's but we all know that ain't gonna happen 'least till later so how about this: instead i give ya what are in my not-so-humble-opinion the best two gbv elpees to never quite see th' light of day? ok? ok. little setup: gbv made lotsa songs and therefore lotsa recs but once someone else was payin' that someone (pre-fading cpt. sycophant b.s.) would sometimes say hey you can't put out a rec every month and a half which ended up unfortunate cuz then a lotta th' time ol' bobareeno would keep foolin' with his finished product until it was completely diff sequence-wise or even totally made up of like other newer tunes. in th' case of bee thousand (you can see th' wreck that was on that oddball idea director's cut thingy) and alien lanes (which iz appr. 400% more swell than earlier version 'scalping the guru') well that all ended up swingin' but as far as th' next two albs go th' versions as originally intended are just megagreat and very sadly lost to th' presses and th' masses. under the bushes was called under the bushes when i got this here copy but fer delineational porpoises (again here reminding you aboot that band name ownership deal) i've just gotta use the way-excellent working title 'the flying party is here' for it. a more apt followup to alien lanes, 'party' bears little resemblance to its actually-released cousin, and is probably th' only time a big mishmash of everything from 1- to 24(more?)-track recordings reallyreally gelled for th' dudes. ok, enuff. th' other one iz th' slap from th' gbverde version of th' groop an' prior to release as 'mag earwhig' it was a differently-sequenced, different-feeling piece known as (really!) 'do the collapse,' and since i ain't got anything else to call it (edit: n.c. reminds me that th' version directly after this one - eggzackly thee same 'cept with th' then-freshly-wrote 'sad if i lost it' tacked uncomfortably onto th' start - was indeed titled 'panic on landlord street,' so goes ahead an' retitle it thus if yer itunez brainz iz all con-fuzzed…), 'do the collapse (1997)' it is. caveat: collapse is duped straight off th' tape bob gave me and party is from a tape of th' tape bob gave me (orig was lost by somebody i loaned it to, i am an idiot, yes), so these aren't like museum quality but i mean fuck, it's gbv, and they sounds fuckin' quite quite allreet still.

the flying party is here
do the collapse (1997)

Everyday Heroes


zac szymusiak, now of washington beach bums, el ron house y los brujarenas, and highschool substitute teacher programs all over th' mid-ohio area gettin' serious a couple/few years back now with his first (i think) combo after leavin' supergroup-in-retrospect the ex-boyfriends. supposedly one of the songs is about me although i didn't meet him till like more recently than that an' i still think they got me confused with some other douche but hey i'm into it whatever it's got a good beat an' i can dance to it. should i choose to dance (and i should).


Nick Tolford


before sir tolford became th' soul-stirring soul-stirrer we all now know and luv, he played bass in slide machine, sure, we're all familiar. but. did. you. know. he. was. totally. emo? yep, here's some (not entirely unsoulful!) relatively unassuming piano/acoustic & drums tunes from a few years back. mebbe not th' boy you've got yer panties all bunchy an' wet over, but all great another way.


Favors, yep.


ok. i'm not gonna profess to likin' EVERYOLDTHING on this blog - that wouldn't be all true an' it wouldn't be all's fair fer me to only post shiz i do like anyhow, but, um, i can't say anything aboot this band that hasn't already been said i don't think so hey here's someone else's words…

JD Dallas figures out what's next

The Favors may or may not be anymore, having definitely played their last gig with their current lineup at Skully's at the end of June. Will one of the best powerchording guitarists in town, JD Dallas, carry on with his glam rock?

"Well. first of all, we always considered ourselves cock rock," said Dallas with perhaps as much pride as a man can have while still keeping his jeans on. "I mean, it was Shannon me and Steve as what we thought would be an irresistible force of nature, with the right guys backing us up."

But now bassist Steve Patrick is leaving, thanks to marriage, owning his own business and a bad case of tinnitus.

"Shannon and I are thinking of carrying on, maybe as the Dirty Favors, we're not sure," said Dallas. Singer Shannon Malone, surely this town's finest example of half-man/half-lizard front man, is still in it for the long haul.

"At least at our last gig we went out on top," said Dallas. "Skully's smelled like a bait shop."

Like Picasso, Norman Mailer and Miles Davis, he may have a touch of the sexist pig in him, but trust me, JD Dallas is a mother on the powerchord.

(from johnny go's column in th' other paper like three yrs. ago)

*this file incl. two eps and a full-length. haha. full-length. OHNO, favors vibe has gotten to me…

(ps. shannon was in throat and jd was in dogrocket and mediawhores, among other deals.)


True Moves - Wild Weekend


eric wrong of do-right(s) fame(?) with very-rockANDroll-positive combo feat. #1 supporter of col's musicks bob starker (he's in every band!) and a coupla magic city alumni and john from gut piston(lookout behind you!)/diverters(lookout ahead!) wiggle their way thru their first single (hey it's got three tracks who's counting) on d-panik and man. awhile back it occurred to me that it's not outside-the-realms-of-possibility that no humyns rilly (RILLY) ever liked rockANDroll musicks. so anyhow, it should come as no surprise that they still don't. i suppose i am some weird flower then, cuz this shiz is top. they gota another single out an' an el-pee in th' can an' we'll get to 'em okok…


Flu Faker


JP's (he were in th' 84 nash) newish family-centric popcombo gearing up fer their first live outing an' givin' out th' proof on solid cdr. ok they ain't all that pop. actually kinda scary. (evidently nobody thinks that but me.)


Bumped By Karaoke


afore that weird and worthless get hip seedee showed up this here "volume 2" was out and about pissing on yer daughters and fucking yer lawns. THEE document of col's circa:199_ (i.e. it made it look way cooler than it actually was, and it was PRETTY DAMNED COOL), you can blame regala and half th' rockcombos on this piece of digital retardo fer all that smeg' in yer head sayin' you live somewhere that's like cool fer musick er somethin' (given that you live here --- HEY! you aren't pee-roozin' this in SOME OTHER CITY, are ya? whooo, now i's seen EV'RYthing…) - just cuz you don' know it don' mean it ain't true, compadre…

watch the daylight colors fade to grey

For Your Ears Only


eardrop prods.=craig "big daddy" dunson of magnetic planet/vibralux/pica huss/tjsa/codename: stingray (non-)fame. they/he put out some other stuff too (ishkabibble tape maybe? oh and somebody send me that plz…) but this is their/his hour of power - perhaps even more indicative a snapshot of teh sceeene at that pt. than 'bumped' (keep yer hat on, it's next). oh just go on and click th' damned thing, it's OUT OF PRINT…


Michael Joseph


aka skip from speed of fright and throat on his native-americano-influenced acoustickal/magickal tipp. very worth-yer-proverbial-while and he's got a mess more of this stuff up his sleeves so go see him some afternoon out at that coffeeshop in powell or something and give him a pointer, say hey! ni…(oops! almost gave it away!!) over there on the interwebs told me to tell you keep up th' good werk, make scads more el-pees and keep on truckin'!! (some of you may see what i did there.)




i met john from floorian back in 19__ when i was werkin' at th' video store there on bethel…him and also tim g. from unfortunately-named local copyband x-ray specs (they kicked him out) useta be the only hanger-arounders who'd keep me sane/drive me nuts with worthwhile conversationinfo over th' longlonglonglong 12- er 18-hr niteshifts. who knew he had a kickass trancerock combo brewin' th' whole time? even greg shaw & th' brian jonestown weirdos agree you should listen to this ooze at least ten-hundred times so get to it.



S R S L Y !!

two years from now when it's been on th' 'fmu blog and everybody's tired of hearing aboot it fer th' eleventy-umpth time you can say, "hey. i actually had a good time listening to that once a long time ago."



our boy mad mike is not from col's he's from cinci but so's spittin' image and that don't shut c. nini up any aboot 'em, does it? m.m. made the excellent, excellent decision to give th' Hi-V a copy of this wondrous little plasticky disc and now, o friends and foes, you may all feast yer earmitts on it. sorry to sleaze, i think he thinks it's rightfully his - and hey he can have it back fer mebbe $3 from used kids after i sell th' fucker asap.




if we're gonna talk aboot th' cherubs well let's talk aboot th' unsane too ok - HEY! - i have this theory (shouldn' even bother t' be so nice as to call it just a theory cuz hey i ain't boastin' i'm truthin', amirite) 'bout how at a certain point in time all towns had to have one band that was like th' we're-the-band-in-town-that's-really-into-unsane-band and like the method was fer dayton hey well we gots onepointthree. which is sellin' 'em hella short as it is with every band that takes that particular honor we was just talkin' aboot, but that don' make it any less of true. they made a coupla recs and here's one of 'em. also scott art/bass is in lopan and they got signed or something. also mike is probably the funniest person on the interwebs.


Big Meat


little bit of a joke here as over on fb there was just a discussion re: how many people have boxes of these takin' up space in their closets, but hey - just cuz nobody bought one don't mean YOU can find it on yer local shelves and it SURE don't mean it ain't worth way more than free. history: when my uncle wayne quit being existing ('nother jokel there) davey went on his own merry (ok maybe not) way which eventually = altered states of the united snakes and them other dudes (drummers don't count but hey bim moved to clevo and made them this moments, ok we'll talk aboot it later) started this here band which eventually morphed into one called sons of solomon and chris was in pillowbiters, whatever, but let's be sure to not talk aboot drummers, ok. people who like the cherubs like this, how's that fer some kinda modern-internet-styled bullshit what's true, erm.


Sinkane 'Color Voice'


ahmed wears tight shorts and has amazing ideas which he actually bothers to follow to fruition. where he finds th' time to do even half of th' stuff he does i have no idea. oh yeah and he's on th' interwebs: http://sinkane.wordpress.com/


The Go Figure


four-song ep from th' aforementioned mr. matt wagner, late of earwig, the bygones (post=soon), & th' unkillable preston furman (or 'presto furmo' in bim-speak). all tunes rough mixes from as-yet-unreleased (unrecorded) full-length.


maybe look over here

no idea how used up th' links are over there, but decrepit tapes has a buncha col's-related posts crappening. dig.

Earwig 'Center Of The Earth'


news! longtime earwigger matt wagner recently stood up from his bass throne long enough for most-of-the-time-earwig-drummer george's brother costa to sit down in it. word has it costa's first 'show' will be one of those live-videotaping deals out at electraplay or whatever it's called. in th' meantimer, here's a classick in th' earwig canon, featuring their biggest hit since "dinosaur song" - a little local number sorta concerning a little local record shoppe. (plead: if anyone has the very first version of "used kids" which th' band recorded with mssr. steve evans, plz send it over!)


so this might just turn into a gossip column yet

just saw ex-used kids annex employee bill walking down high street in front of mcdonald's, so, if you were wondering - as i was - if he was like still alive, he is.

more gossip next post!!!

08 September 2010

Brown Notes


well if we're gonna talk aboot th' sun and we're gonna talk aboot th' hexonwheels an' we're gonna (eventually) talk aboot th' crazy ray well we gotta talk aboot th' brown notes. another col's institution that, alas, is no more, them brown notes did love their ween…but also - LUCKILY FOR US - was too retarted to rip 'em off too bad - and heck, let's face it, had frankly been writing (together and seperately, depending on which year ya caught 'em) their own goofy/not goofy tunes since way afore mssrs. gener & deaner was kidnapped by aliens and forced to write a zlillion songs er whatever th' original party line was there. so yeah, 57,000 afterhours parties later they called it quits (QUITS! QUITS!), but this disc - th' lone offish recorded document from these doods - should set y'all to petitioning fer their imminent reformation and national tourage toot sweet.


The Bogtrodders


irish musick in ohio??? but of course! i mean, "we" even have our own fun-filled (*cough*) irish fucking festival just down th' street in dandy old DUBLIN… but srsly, them bogtrodders was purty damned great at that thing they were into doing, and for a time boasted a lineup with not just one (as on this release) but two (!) out of three (orig. - for yes, at one time there were indeed four) members of local prog-metal pioneer heroes acid black!! now that's ultra-genrefied ethnicky spizz i kin get behind!


Jason Quicksall


sometime soundguy, sometime open mic host, j.q.'s following fairly closely in th' footsteps of onetime col's great white hope tim easton without - to jason's credit - sounding all that much like him - tho' th' template is certainly similar.


Hex On Wheels 'Bloodlust'


casella, current photo editor extraordinaire at 614 mag and later-period rackets guitarer #2 started this here heavy rockin' thing with bass player/sanger carrie and all-around drum guy joey sturma. by the time of this recording chris (of crazy ray/brown notes) was guitarer #2 and fill-in man among fill-in men larz raymond (call 4 lessonzzz) was on drums. recorded in some weird shed in pataskala or something, sounds insane. also they like fu manchu, or at least like their song titles. har. one of those bands it was always fun/funny to see at treebar. you just can't be tuff there. anyhoo, i like this band and th' cd's on the pretty good side too.


07 September 2010


well um i've (srsly) got 35 new posts all lined up so of course mediafire is down (some servers out due to a storm so maintenace is nec., i hear - hopefully no lasting damage and everyone's files including all the ones here emerge unscathed…). ack, ugh. this is going to lead to my mirroring everything here - an endeavor i've long been putting off…but an idea whose time has come™.

gaunt on dustdevils blog

yer mom

euro sleeve even!!

(i highly encourage you to stick around there and download not only all the excellent, excellent dustdevils recordings, but to dig thru all the posts - shoo, the amazing first dEUS rec' iz on there if'n ya need somewheres to start…)