23 September 2011

Tellers "In Loving Memory Of Rock'n'Roll"

tellers were an INCREDIBLE cle band that no-one seems to know much about.

"great CLE band that I saw many times. Lead singer & creative force Samantha 'Starborn' Schartman & incredible lead guitarist Derek Deprator were just out of high school when they recorded this lp. MANY line up changes over the years with Sam being the only constant." [jay brown, via fb]

years after this record came out they played at highfive but i missed out - tho' word was it wasn't all that good; this record, on th' other hand, is FUCKING GOLD th' whole way thru, power-pop-punk better than th' three good songs on 'the dwarves are young and good looking'/garage ripoffs about 60x more enthralling than anything other than maybe the fall-outs/riot-grrrl-isms that don't get overly total-bullshitty OR ANYTHING. if you like nasty facts or busy signals you need to hear this, tho' it's way more all-over-th'-place (and yeah that's a compliment) than those bands' records. one of these is usually sitting at used kids for between $1 and $4 or you can buy a copy off th' interwebs for $40, yr choice.

and oh yeah, there's no track listing on th' sleeve or record or insert or anything. SO THERE.

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photo credit: jay brown