30 December 2009

Revelers singles

so, yeah, they're from cle, but they played columbus a TON and put out a record on break up! (and btw, megathanks to pat fer runnin' these puppies in! and thus hooking me - and you! - up with the stuff i don't have) and anyhow it's just a central-ohio-centric blarg, there ain't no real rules kids. short story for now: tommy was in the mice (watch these skies, probably) with his brother, the amazing bill fox (who recorded some revelers recs and lent them a song at least) and then started revelers with some dudes who wanted to sound even more like the who (tommy, with regards to a recording session that sadly never occurred: "will you make me sound like keith moon?" me: "tommy, yer in luck. the guy who could make you sound like not keith moon has yet to be found.") but with a twist: they should look exactly like flamin' groovies. just kiddin'. (not really.)
anyhow, here's a funpack of all their 45s (including splits with boogieman smash, whose bassplayer they eventually stole)!! five (!) lps in yer future if no-one bombs the station!!!



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