27 March 2010

Red Hypergiant

there was a guy - i think on donewaiting - who said as he walked into a room where red hypergiant were playing he felt like he was walking into the nineties, which isn't altogether in-apt. there's a bit to jeff's voice that reminds me of the dude from the origin, pat's bass is that little bit more fluid and funky than you would expect for the loud-quiet-loud tunes, and you can just tell the drummer wants the group to find another dude so he can switch to second guitar - as with all nineties groups.



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  1. You nailed it... not too long after we recorded these tracks, the drummer switched to second guitar, we began auditioning new drummers, and then the band kind of fell apart. Not exactly due to that situation, but it was one domino. In fact, we had another drummer for a couple months, and now I can't even remember his name.