07 April 2010

Girly Machine

self-titled lp, courtesy of a new pal who figured a dub of my cassette copy just wouldn't be tech enuff - and whattya know, he's right! he rilly needs to write th' notes to this he said he would cuz all i'm gonna tell ya is that bobby petric (concurrently of TJSA) is on guitar & dana (concurrently of scrawl) is on drums.



  1. Jeff Plavkin (Mary Adam 12) on bass

  2. is it possible that you could re-up this hard to find album? please and thanks; very much appreciated!!

  3. this album is apparently/unfortunately out of print (got in touch with Burnt Sienna Records). for this reason, petitioning again that this may hopefully be re-upped so that it doesn't have to be lost.... Cheers