25 May 2011

Lestat 'Grave Desires'


back in the early '90s this tape would always be sitting in the bin at mag's; i dunno why i always noticed it but for some reason every damn time i went i'd be thinking, "there's that damned lestat tape, still." anyhow i don't remember who actually BOUGHT the thing or why i ever heard it but i did, once or twice…my memory fouled it up a bit so when i got it from halfprice awhile back and threw it on it wasn't quite as "good" as i thought. of course by '91 th' conventions of what we useta call "industrial" music (tho' what this has in common with einsturzende other than maybe that beating-on-a-girder sample they stole from nitzer ebb is anybody's guess - but heck, "EBM" ain't all that much better) were well in place and this band was way into followin' 'em wherever they may've lead (i.e. right onto that 'goth box' and nowheres else). it ain't a bad listen if'n yr into this kinda thing and lard-knows there weren't all THAT many greater combos eminatin' their moody soundscapes from PARMA HTS. at the time but gimme that 'within the realm of a dying sun' tape instead, myself, anyday.


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