19 February 2012

Peter Laughner

"he catalyzed a scene in Cleveland that, one could safely say, is the virtual blueprint for the independent music scene, even today."

not th type of guy to enter reliable studios on a regular basis, pete made sure to keep most all of his genius a COMPLETE SECRET for all his years (much like his good pal l. bangs), but th fact remains that whatever his musical motivation at any particular time, th guy helped INVENT PUNK ROCK (dubious achievement that it is) AND NEW WAVE AND POSTPUNK (AND he DIED before any of those even gained a foothold in th popular consciousness!) all during a coupla years when most people just wanted to forget that rock'n'roll ever fucking existed in th first place, and for that he deserves a goddam giant statue in tower city, yet hasn't even been "awarded" entry into th "rock" "hall" of "fame" just up th street. gawd humans is stoopid.

Take The Guitar Player For A Ride (not my rip, CBR 192, 18 tracks including both 'vinyl-only' tunes)

Setting Son (CBR 192, not my rip)

Friction at Pirate's Cove, 11.2.76 (not my rip, CBR 256)

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