11 April 2012

Black Horse and Other Strange Stories, Jason A. Wyckoff

so i run into pat dull at th laughing ogre (turns out he has a conan fixation) th other day an' while shooting yon proverbial SHIZ he mentions that jake from clay & flipping hades wrote a book and that while he bought it cuz hey he knows th guy when he started reading it he found it very quickly to be VERY FUCKING GOOD and in fact he was carrying it around right there that very day. so i sez hey i think i heard Q (manytime bandmate of jake's) say something aboot that th other nite, i'll check it out. an' i did, ordered it just that very week from jake himself and while it wasn't cheap (only 300 printed, top quality, in th UK no less) it turns out that it is REALLY FUCKING GOOD, i mean stellar, in my top five short stories books (an' i fucking LOVE short stories books) with a bullet (


• Honeymoon and Other Stories, Kevin Canty
• Magic For Beginners, Kelly Link
• Wall Of The Sky/Wall Of The Eye, Jonathan Lethem
• Strange Wine, Harlan Ellison
• this here tome of which we speak

) fer shirley! if yr wondering what makes this one tick well yr first three guesses (autobio, jokes, rock) would be way off th (proverbial, again) mark since jake has crafted a creepy compendium (that's alliteration, babe) of - you guessed it - strange tales, which would be not out of place converted to comic form in th pages of a (hurry up an' do it) revamped 'weird fantasy' book. jake's gotta little lovecraft an' a little king to his step, without sounding at all like either, an' if he indeed made a list of all th' stock tales (sasquatch, vampires, death-ballads-come-true, &c.) he could turn on their fucking heads beforehand, i wouldn't be surprised, tho' right from th ease-em-in start he's treading territory entirely his own. i can't recommend this book highly enuff (ok mebbe i can) - nevermind th price tag, you will not be anything but blown away.

available from jake (best for US orders)

available from his publisher (best for UK orders)


  1. I really liked Panorama. Not finished with it yet though...I'm pacing myself due to the jeebies.

    1. i think th sasquatch one stuck with me th most!

  2. Howdy, great review. Lotta good press on this book, but I'm gettin' it based on yours. Also find your Top 5 collections list interesting, thanks and cheers.