10 July 2012

Jim Shepard & Charles Cicirella 'The Dispossessed'

This entire session was recorded as you hear it - no planning or disgusting egos intervening. I came in from Cleveland, Jim already had music laid down (except for typewriter, acoustic guitar, violin, and aerosol can which were all laid down live and this includes dead traffic you hear throughout recording). I listened through headphones while reading poetry that in a large part was written either that day or previous afternoon. This CD is released as an honest & quite sublime testament to Jim's diverse artistic nature/temperament & how when the chemistry is good & stinking, like an over satiated sun, anything can and does occur. Jim and I were and still very much are caterpillar astronauts and I'll miss being his friend and foil FOREVER… ONWARD FORWARD INFINITE
Charles Eric Cicirella



  1. thanks for this... anyway to get the links on some of the older shep stuff updated? would love to hear skull bank and 'evil twin' tape specifically. new link for the creeper ohio tape would also be hugely appreciated.

    is this blog done by someone in day creeper? if so send me an email (jsgc138@yahoo.com), this is stefan from estrogen highs.