25 January 2014


found a file where i had saved a metric shitton of rars so i'm gonna attempt to upload them all and make up for that brutal mediafire purge a coupla years back. unfortunately some of the best stuff isn't in there (like human sufferage) but i'll try to get what i can ripped again someday soon too. any requests for re-ups you don't see happening please comment on this here post. links on the pertinent pages will be updated but in addition here's a list of what's alive again:
el jesus de magico 'self-titled'
econothugs singles comp
magician killer 'hoodoo dub' cdr
gaunt…but not forgotten part one part two part three
great plains 'cornflakes'
thomas jefferson slave apartments demos (mirror)
gaunt live little bros '98
gaunt live casbah san diego '95
red hypergiant
audible detonation
miracle mike
jim shepard 'the evil twin'
mad mike
greenhorn - schwab
greenhorn - steve's garage
greenhorn - recording workshop
kyle sowashes 'what's important…'
gut piston unreleased demos
day creep 'exposed to the universe'
the moon & badtimes
evil queens demos for 'lovesong werewolves'
earwig 'center of the earth'
our flesh party 'manifest destiny'
el jesus - the summit 6.11.09
malabar brothers final demos
gibson bros 'build a raft' cassette dub
floorian 'what the buzzing'
eardrop 'for your ears only!' comp
rjd2 vs the braxes cassette


  1. !!!Great news!!!!

    if you happen to come across any of these I would really appreciate a re-up:

    Creeper Ohio: Double DWA cassette
    Great Plains: Cornflakes
    Skull Bank
    Jim Shepard Interview
    Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments Demo
    V-3 - The Other Side of Darkness
    V-3 - Radio On The Beyondo Mondo Record Party
    Kevin & The Kasualties: Lemmings
    and the Gaunt stuff you had posted


  2. most of the stuff you mention is stuff i'll hafta run in from cassette again; 'cornflakes', however, is in the file i found - as is the tjsa demo (from which two songs were released on a negative guest list 45 a little while back!) - and i have the gaunt stuff (some already re-upped!), as well as the jim shepard interview and radio show, on a disc. keep in mind that the ONLY cease and desist i have gotten was from thrill jockey (NOT warners) over gaunt stuff, and they were not even cool enough to write to me themselves OR respond to my inquiries. so although i can't make a big post explicitly linking to kryptonite, sob story & i can see yr mom maybe be clever and poke around a little and you'll find what yr lookin for here in the near future…

  3. Hey there! Just stumbled onto your blog, tons of great stuff on here, this is a great find as I've really been getting into Columbus stuff lately. Any chance of getting a re-up of the Jim Shepard interview & the V-3 radio show? Always interested to learn more about the man and his work. Thanks!!

  4. I found your blog too by looking up Jim Shepard. I have a Skullbank tape called "Audio Phrenology". Let me know if you are interested in acquiring it or sharing a rip of it, as you seem to be an online resource for Mr. Shepard and the Columbus scene. I hope you'll keep up the blog!

  5. not my favorite shit but it was within arms length and within crawling distance... please.

  6. hi.any chance of a repost of the revelers lp's/singles?
    particularly after '91st street stomp' & 'on top'.thanks