25 December 2015

Jeff Kleinman solo set at Café Bourbon Street, December 24, 2015

Last nite after gettin' home from my folks' I was gonna wander down to Dick's Den as I sometimes do on holidays but I of course dicked around at home for three to five hours and by the time I was actually at the door I gotta txt from Jeffy about this funny video I sent him once and then he said he was playin' at Bobo so I went over and recorded it. Fuckin' set was killerdiller no lie and the tape turned out excellent. This is some up-to-the-minute shit here, my friends. And if ya wanna hear the sound of Nervosas losing every single one of the people who have liked us in the past, take a gander to the last song in the set, WHICH JEFF WROTE YESTERDAY PRIOR TO THE SHOW. Also included are a coupla 'vosas chunes off the last lp (one with a Drake sample), a Gamma World number, a Pink Reason cover, & a coupla bangers from Jeff's auld prog combo the Slide Machine.

Btw Nervosas are playin' on the radio from CD102.5's Big Room Bar on Jan 4 which means you can actually come to the show or just sit and listen to a couple songs on yr radio if yr interested in either of those sortsa things. Perhaps we'll just let Jeff do it, this shit is gooood.

last day of the sun

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