25 November 2009

Codename: Stingray

only saw this band a coupla times and they were always instrumental. once craig (big daddy dunson) sat down the whole time. once he introduced the band then knocked the micstand on the floor, where it stayed (soundguys at bernie's aren't gonna do any more than they need to. after all, they might only get paid $3). at some point lazor told me they had creeper jeff singing, and lo and behold, here he is on this tape. two different sessions here (and quite obviously two different drummers), and i also have a demo of one of the songs to dig up and post later. (i paid quite a bit more attention to the mixes here than i did with the gut piston reel as this one is now dead.) mod spy musick. beaut.


here's that demo...
li'l misconduct


  1. I wanted that bike so much when I was a kid. Sorry, back to the music...

  2. a handful of codename:stingray songs later became thee invaders songs, some with vocals, some without. and all were worse off with my bass playing . . .

  3. thanks tj! that's exactly what i'd like to see on here: some facts a little less dubious than my own...

  4. 'Lil Miss Conduct was my ode to masturbation.

    I remember playing the drum parts on some keyboard, recording the kick and snare on separate tracks live along with the guitar playback. I think I used a saxophone sound from the keyboard as well.

    The process of recording the song just another form of masturbation of multi tracking.

    I had fun.

    C.W. Dunson