25 November 2009

Gut Piston

a few years ago i inherited some mulitrack one-inch reels. or at least i inherited the joy of storing them. i've listened to a bunch of 'em, and i've made reference mixes of some stuff since the tapes could become unplayable or at least junked enuff to be unlistenable at any time. this is the first reel of two labeled gut piston, which both have gut piston on them (<--uncommon enough to be notable). more evil than the turks and a tad less grimy than econothungs, gut piston are one of the finest bands ever to barely escape lima, oh. these recordings were done at magnetic planet soon after gut piston's first show in columbus.



  1. Can you maybe upload these in AAC format? I am very good friends with Gut Piston's singer's son, and I'd like to have higher quality files of the songs to hold onto. Thanks!

  2. aac isn't nec any better; these files are at 192 so no nasty artifacting. someday i'll mix the whole session properly and post flacs or something.