31 December 2010

Gaunt Live Tapes

here's some iffy performance reproductions - one from the casbah in san diego in 1995 and another from little brother's here in columbus in '98. if anyone's ever wondered about the time i spent in gaunt, the casbah tape is somewhere between a third and a half of what there is to hear, so there ya go. the little brother's tape is a little bit harsher of a listen (man *someone* should really remaster this stuff, don'tcha think??) but it's pretty notable for the inclusion of a rough new song and the alternate lyrics to "worry" and "pop song" and whatever else they were fucking around with at the time. now if only the stache's tape would surface with their crazy medley including the 'buzzkill' theme…that would REALLY be somethin'…
little bros

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