31 December 2010

Replacements, Stache's, 10.4.84


so, remember how we was talkin' aboot that thing i was gonna do where i post shows that happened in col's but not necessarily by bands that are fROMOHIO™? well hey here let's start it off with a muddy bang since its mr. w'burg's b-day to-day. this is AT LEAST a third generation tape and yeah i sorta know how i could get a better copy but whatever, this is like good too ok an' i never seen it anywheres else (yet).


photo credit: stephanie chernikowski (©1985)


  1. unless they played two shows on the same date a year apart, this was 1984. (you didn't post a set list so it's hard to compare.) but i'm looking for the cover art for this boot (1984).


  2. yup, same show, tho' the tape i was given had '85 written on it. correcting th' info and re-upping th' file asap. thanks!