19 June 2011

The Stapler 'Very Clean'


i dunno what you do when bands are punkish and poppy - pop-punk is th' worst thing to call anyone ever and power pop is way too specifick - & ya actually wanna describe them rather than just say they're good. the stapler's got these great clanging hihats an' a lot more hüsker dü than there was in say 84 nash, & lotsa lou barlow bass under th' guitar scrape that ya wouldn't expect from like the cusacks or somebody - an' while this doesn't have a bonafide H-I-T onnit "gin and phonics" will make you wanna get wherever yr driving at least three times faster than you are getting there presently so go ahead, get more shit done.

(also in like top three reunion type shows i've ever seen: w/carter on drums that one time w/dolby fuckers at bobo.)


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