19 June 2011

Tolford & Co.: 'Extraordinary Love'


as i've said elsewhere it ain't rilly my style to go posting shiz you RILLY SHOULD BE PAYING FOR, but this WAY deserves to be heard by everybody, so please - if ya like it go buy it on wax or get one of th' funny little cd copies or go to a buncha shows or buy some t-shirts or tank tops or just hand nick or mike o. or lara or eveybuddy blank checks when ya see 'em on them streets ok?

anyhow if ya didn't see 'em at comfest last year and no-one has told you, there isn't anyone of any persuasion who doesn't fucking fall in in deep lust with this band right whenever they hear 'em - nick being like th' ferris bueller of redhot soul except he ain't lip synchin' an' it ain't the god-damn beatles it's sam cooke - so why they aren't like all over them late nite shows and euroweenie festivals i dunno but DAMN are they REAL REAL GOOD at being REAL REAL GOOD.


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