07 July 2011

Bigfoot 'Dark Old Days'


with rick allen's article about th' recent long-overdue release of the bygones' second lp right here at mtf also heralding th' reissue of ugly stick's first two cassettes, we have ourselves what's commonly referred to as a perfect time to discuss a record that might be seen as th' link betwixt those aforementioned recordings. somewhat similar to but a touch closer to my heart than the jayhawks' incredible 'tomorrow the green grass', 'dark old days' is too much good to be absorbed in one sitting; it's the polar opposite of those hip-hop double cds with roughly 3-4 mins of quality juice that were so common back when this record was released, a 45-minute long work of such depth that it seems to take up yr entire afternoon. likewise, it ain't a good background record - you'll just keep skipping back to th' beginning of th' last song over and over. hell, you'll do that anyway. and if "hey nadine" - spiritual cousin to the dexateens' "cardboard hearts" and glossary's "only time will tell" in th' heavenly family of album openers - doesn't climb right under yr brain blankets and live with you for th' rest of yr life in holy blissimony, you might not actually be living. a daily affirmation of a record.


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