08 July 2011

A Planet For Texas


got-damme do i l-u-v th' way this record sounds! such a perfect destruction of th' prolly purty nice 'n' shiny rec. w-shop master by way of another shitty musicol pressing, this thing fucking SHREDS. "snatching kisses…" damn! anyhow, if ya dunno, APFT were one of th' things that was goin' ahn in th' late-'90s - a time when some people would have ya believe there was nothing goin' ahn. they is wrong. ike from dogrocket joined up with reasonable steve (now in sick thrills, when they feel like existing) and th' gunn brothers and came up with some kinda blitz-speed concept that involved aliens and th' southwest, i dunno, but it was GREAT. they made another 7" - a split w/bobcity - and a coupla full-length (i still chuckle everytime i write that) discs and traded one joel for another before they snuffed out of existence sometime before little brothers did. i don't have th' other records anymore but i'll post 'em if anybody wantsta send 'em over.


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