14 June 2010


"they're inept, but that's their charm." (jerry wick, in a columbus monthly article in which we were voted "best new band" simply because they just went to used kids and asked who the best new band was and jerry was the only one who would talk to them and he had just seen us play the afternoon prior and thought we sounded like wire.)

so by popular demand (i.e. kevin elliott not remembering what we actually sounded like and hounding me), here's more beano than anyone should rightfully listen to in one sitting. it's missing a few things since either there were no recordings i could remember ("scrapmaster") or recordings i just couldn't find ("study hall") or recordings that were fucked up ("telly") or recordings nobody needs to hear ("carpet burns"), but seriously, you aren't gonna be begging for more or anything (although if you do i have a tape of our very last show, which took place in birmingham, alabama, in front of the promoter, two of his friends, the bartender, and the bartender's dog. that tour experience is chronicled in the final track in this file - also the final beano tune - "spencer rocks the universe" as well as the oddball matt tune from the uptighty whitey ep, "bluefield song").


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