11 March 2013

Near Paris 12"

so two of the three geniuses from post industrial noise decided to get a little more radio-ready (?) with their next project, and here ya have it, for what it's worth (which is about $300 [!!!], if ya ask discogs). i dunno even what to say about this, it just sounds like some idea of the early '80s that people who wanna hate the early '80s prolly have in their head: goofy synth-percussion noises that aren't any fun, vocals straight out of a bret easton ellis novel, etc. songwriting this wrongheaded is so often scattered, smothered, & covered with some gloppy genre trappings or other so, y'know, no surprise. (shoulda studied a little more snapshot, if they'da asked me.) the attempt at human league/breakdance rock is hilarious. it wasn't all like this, folks - i promise you.

you got the moves that could start a fire

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