29 May 2013

Action Family Discography

action, action, ACTION!! whether yr down or not with chris elliott the serpentine grime-rock stooges-worship SCUZZ of this combo should still stain yr trouser bottoms if yr heart's still beatin' hard enuff to pump all them drugs thru yr system. relocatin' themselves all over the country didn't fuckin' help anyone care at all but really in the long run we're all just shit and pollen anyhow so fuck it, here're some BLISTERING tunes ("i feel fine" will SAW YOU IN FUCKING HALF) that ain't in any danger of disappearin' unless the whole damn world blows up real good so fuck…throw 'em on some shitty juke/roll around on a barroom floor/puke in yr shoes/stop goin' to werk/live on high life for awhile. it ain't the worst life. (p.s. there's one more tune over on bandcamp, dig.)

you ain't no brian jones!

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