29 May 2013

Them Wranch Discography

lotta folks might not understand that this is DANCE MUSIC but i straight dare 'em not to shimmyshimmykokoPOP when shizz like "whip" comes on. lotsa stuff too ridiculous & diseased about this combo for 'em to really catch on in the unimaginative doldrums that are "garage rock circles" but at least they skipped the very col's thing where they didn't make any good sounding records. plenty here - two lps, two 45s, a whole sonics-of-the-sonics-obsessed session recorded in 'the garage behind the deal' and a short session from a cle studio - to reflect the real go that the r.a.n.c.h. had at it for a few years in the late '90s (post-hairy patt/pre-tough & lovely). these whackos' ideas of what might pass for entertainment are so off the mark that they actually fucken WORK: what sounds at first like pure novelty reveals itself very quickly to be funnier than the cramps/way, WAY groovier than "beat" dreck like the woggles/more imaginative than honestly anyone you can think of. (only band that eventually came anywhere close was the howlies and even they don't touch the copious far reaches of them wranch's ecelcticism.) "beware them that lurk in the shadows," INDEED!

45s + sessions

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