02 January 2011

Human Sufferage


so two new year's days ago i was living with bumbico and we met up with gary and whoever down at the dube and then it seemed like a good idea to buy a bunch of whip-its and head back home…eventually there was a nice little party goin' with entertainment consisting basically of those whip-its and leftover champagne or fresh beers and someone spilling something on the floor every twenty minutes to a rousing chorus of "sham-wow! sham-wow!" since we had gotten a box of them for xmas and also me playing some records, these two included - mainly for lutzko. sometimes you just gotta lay a history trip on a motherfucker. so in tribute to the anniversary of that heartwarming soirĂ©e and ALSO to lutzko's brand-spankin'-new wwf-style feud with certain members of the washington beach bums (is he th' ted dibiase of col's??), here's a lesson in how to make fucking punk rock in oh, circa 1983-4.



  1. Hey! Is there any chance for a re-up on this one? I don't know anything about Human Sufferage but I'm extremely curious.

  2. i'll see if i can find the file. coupla other blogs have posted too but they look to be down as well. btw i totally stand behind this stuff - if you find the records for ten bucks or something i guarantee they're worth it.