27 June 2010

We Never Learn

so i spent the better part of the day downing poptarts, jellybeans, and mixed nuts (less than 50% peanuts!) and plowing thru davidson's book on "gunk punk"…oddly i don't find myself energized in any way (tho' to be fair it is about 175˚ in here) - and i flat-out LOVE pretty much all of the groops he's talkin' aboot. the book doesn't really drum ya up into a frenzy of how great this supposed genre is/was supposed to be, and shit, the last third is ENTIRELY about how fucked/fucked over some of the bands were (still dunno if that's what the point is and oddly he brings some as-yet-unmentioned songsters into here that sorta dilute the focus). mebbe the significance is meant to be understood - what with there bein' this tome there an' all - but i thot that was mayhap what the point of havin' all the words was, not to show how tuff it was fer all everybody involved after awhile (to their credit lots of 'em talk aboot what a blast it was and how well they's now gots the memories even thru their grimaces) but rilly here i just wanna say one thing an' that's how fucking little i care about how much anything sucked for a band or how the industry didn't care or absolutely any mention of any of that. rock'n'roll - and ESPECIALLY the bang-zoom screech and spuzz we're talkin' about here - is interesting in two ways outside the pure exhilaration of lissenin' to it an' that's 1) hearin' all the background anecdotes and hows and whys and whos and wheres when yer a geek like me and 2) hearin' about shit i ain't never heard that i just gotta-gotta-gotta cuz damn you got me all amped up and into it! but this, fer all intents, is a slow read (tho' not a long one), and doesn't much conjure anything more than hazy resignation and an odd dull sadness. don't worry if you don't get on this real quick (tho' you'll read it in time, i'm sure) - just let the action rock itself be yer action rock fer now an' always, true believers.

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