14 June 2010

RC Mob 'Spin The World'

as mentioned in the pica huss post, this is the first "local" tape i got, courtesy of the columbia house record & tape club (note: this file is ripped from that very same tape). the mob were perhaps even more legendary than pica huss amongst my small circle of friends prior to me visiting campus on any sort of a regular basis - they even played the newport and (supposedly) packed the joint! unfortunately, not much stuck for anyone outside 270 - they never got into heavy rotation on 120 minutes, and the toll probably did better on tour, which is a damned great shame 'cause they were that all-too-rare combo of silliness and professionalism, and they could play AND write a stinkin' tune or two. oh well. their bass player is like still famous sorta and, um, yeah. if you saw the devillain article on columbus recs, this one (along with the 'skulls & balls' coup!) got in there due to yours truly; in my not-so-humble opinion it's the only truly great record the mob made, tho' the earlier ones are certainly more along the lines of their live show and the next one after this poised 'em more fer alterna-nation superstardom.


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