14 June 2010

The Mice

yeah i know they weren't from columbus. we've been over this. but, should you need some convincing, the mice were a GIANT influence on a handful of bands here, most notably gaunt and moody jackson, who both covered tunes of theirs ("second best" and "pharoah", respectively). so, in honor of frontman bill fox's excellent, double-length performance at lost weekend here in town the other day (highlights: "over and away she goes", "lonesome pine", & "and now again"), here's all the at-one-time-commercially-available mice recordings, plus the track that sat on the scat records site for download at one time, "public television". this is NOT the scat release "for almost ever scooter", which you can still buy, and should (and while yer there pick up some other gems like the new first-ever vinyl issue of bill's debut alb' shelter from the smoke); these are direct rips from the US vinyl of their three records - and therefore it includes the debut 45 missing from the scat release and shares no sources with that kickass disc. in other words, you guys don't be afraid of some surface noise and griffin plz don't get on my case aboot it.


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  1. Can you re-post this one??
    Rad site you have, Ohio bands are THE BEST.