09 June 2010

Pica Huss cassette

when i was still stuck out in the suburbs and first hearing thirdhand about bands in columbus (and delaware), pica huss were already legends. the first comfest i attended - the last before it moved into goodale park proper - closed the night i went with pica huss and r.c. mob (who i had already heard since their tape was in the columbia house catalog!), and that was the first time i saw 'em. loopus - their singer - was in some ultra-skintight lime green bellbottom bellyshirt getup with tassels and they had these three old dudes playin' horns. gawd they were a monster: WAY fun and all the normals dug the shit out of 'em too. i suppose there are any zillion reasons a band doesn't "make it" to wherever making it is, but man did it seem like pica huss were destined for everything in those funk-driven early '90s.

this is a new rip from my copy of the cassette, not the cd gus gave me a few years back, if that's of interest to anyone.


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  1. Please add a new link my tape wore out years ago! I'd love to hear that CD!!!