07 June 2010

crap from the archives

this is the first time any of us saw gbv. went to see truman's water (at that time there was a big joke going on in the british press about how they sounded just like pavement) who were completely insane, throwing ashtrays back and forth with us while they played and basically bouncing off the ceiling and doing these a capella primalscream barbershop nonsense rounds inbetween songs and stuff, and these old dudes opened (seriously & sadly don't remember belreve playing, but maybe we got there late). they had these two other old dude fans who were the only people there but us, one of whom was wearing a hipsack (later i.d.'d as jimmy pollard & pete jamison, natch). nothing about their music stuck (it was bernie's, tho'), but like two days later my friend travis called me up and said, "remember those old dudes? i got their record and IT"S AWESOME." i laughed but later that day he brought over 'vampire on titus' & 'propeller' & we all lost our minds for a coupla years.

sorry fer the bad image quality, i stole it from some guy who was SELLING IT ON EBAY. riiiiiight. i was probably at this show. or probably not. hmm. i wanna know what song is referred to as "Let's Active."

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