19 May 2010

Sunshine/Moonshine Room

sometime/where between grave blankets and fey gods lies sunshine/moonshine room and i like it best of all nick & lula's crazy good/weird psychorubble. it's never what's on the surface with those two but what lies just beneath and i don't mean that in any way that seems cliche - nor am i referring to the everything's-just-a-bit-behind-everything-else sonic qualities they stomp all over and out. i mean they're pretty much always gonna be likened to some kinda garage idea of things but when you play the eric davidson game with 'em it's just fucking impossible 'cause i mean yer past two influences in the first second, like fifty swirl by in less than a minute and you realize they aren't even able to think about their record collections once they get going and then they just stop dead when you think it's stretching out or play forever when you think it's the two-minute "hit"…blissfully confounding. dustdevils and shimmydisc fans take major note.


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