17 May 2010

Gaunt…But Not Forgotten

EVERYTHING from the eric barth/jeff r. era that isn't on a 12", including comp tracks, demos, 'whitey the man' and two live sets. transferred from vinyl, cd, cassette, and vhs, SOME people have bitched about the sound quality on some of the tracks. i certainly challenge them to track these records down and do it one better. (and i wish ya good luck finding the unreleased stuff and the live sets!) perhaps they will indeed find that here in col's in the early '90s THINGS JUST SOUNDED LIKE SHIT. (pretty much still do.)
part one part two part three


  1. this is great, thanks so much for sharing. I was a huge Gaunt fan and thought i'd heard all their stuff, but most of this is completely new to me

  2. THANK YOU!!! Gaunt is one of my all-time favs, but most of my collection is vinyl and unfortunately doesn't get played as often as it deserves. You, sir, have done a great public service!