17 May 2010

Barbed Wire Dolls "Anthology" cassette

limited edition of ten. comps their releases (conveniently taped off their seven-inchers!), plus an unreleased tune and a live set. jeff started action family after the band broke up and booger eventually moved outta town to sing for alabama thunderpussy, tho' i'm partial to his stones-worship combo devil's choice.

I put out this comp after I interviewed Joe Maples and Johnny Bernardo for MOO magazine. BWDs were me favorite band during the summer of love (1987? - i can't remember, although I do recall me 'n' Jim Weber being at Apollo's 'bout every Tuesday nite that summer to see 'em). During the interview, Bernardo gave me this cassette of Black Cabbage (the unreleased song) on a third generation bootleg Cameo cassette - he didn't even tape over the word "Cameo," so for all intents 'n' purposes he was giving me a Cameo cassette. Anywho, the comp was just a public service for the people of earth. [Pat Dull]


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  1. i was about to put something out when they broke up, instead ended up in action family