18 May 2010

Day Creep - Exposed To The Universe

so while we've been trying to find the time to get the day creeper lp mixed and while tic tac totally has been trying to find whatever it is they need to find in order to get the day creeper 7" released, aaron just went and recorded a whole record of his own of all genius new stuff and it will offish blow yer mind. it keeps reminding me of outrageous cherry but then i have to remind myself that outrageous cherry were good for exactly one record (sorry scoppa) and aaron hasn't even done one thing that's even remotely not awesome.

(p.s. this is brandnew and aaron probably still has some and would probably really appreciate it if you gave him a few $$ for one so next time you run into him be real nice and tell him i sent ya, 'k?)


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