18 May 2010


most new-zealand-ass band from columbus like evar and yes that is fucking saying something but they've way got their own thing going and it's gotdamn magick. the kind of band that makes it look so stupid easy that you get all excited and then sit down to write like thirty songs all jazzed and then realize you aren't gonna come anywhere close, but that's okay, just give up and go see pizza slayer again. [note: they're called turquoise feeling now. -ed.] yes this is probably my favorite band in columbus of alltimes. one of these files is a tape from the basement of saltair II (rip) and one is a live broadcast from wruw (natch…and stick with the interview, it gets super) but you want both of them and also to quit yer job or get a new better one and give these guys all yer $$.

download 1

download 2

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