19 May 2010

Miracle Mike Sings!

not a crooner so much as a forward-thinkin' power pop cheenius, cpt. mike here performs th' singular miracle of playin' all th' instruments hisself - at least i'm assumin' that's th' trooth since he's on th' insert beggin' YOU to call him up and start a band with 'im. he does quite a fine job but i do wish the band he'd got together soon after woulda stuck it out a little longer and graced us with a platter cuz they were frockin' white hot by the end o' their run. they's playin' in widely disparate combos nowadays to be sure and i'd detail it all fer ya here 'cept it's late an' i don't feel much like doin' it. this is th' kinda stuff that'd be on breakup were that still a going concern for mr. dull (owner of his own post here in not too long) and that's a compliment and a recommendation. and as far as that powerpoop thing goes, file under unconventional/unsung/uncommon.


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