19 May 2010

Columbus Power Squadron (The Band You Wish You Had In High School)

so i heard this very not so good version of "needle in the camel's eye" on th' little steven crappe at werk and man it just makes me hope the world hears what can really be done with that song (namely, keeping it from not sucking) like in the case of our dearly departed power squadron here. i'm not over-super-crazy about the bookenders on this ep (of sorts) but that's i think just cuz the stuff oreoed in th middle is killer/Killer/KILLER!! go watch the tall dwarfs video for "nothing's going to happen" with the squadron's version on instead and it'll make you even happier, i guarantee it*. and where the hell did those angelick harmonies come from on "odditty" you ask, since they waren't never there before? well straight outta th' asses of mssrs. wyatt, indeed. dueling vocals overdubbed AT THE SAME TIME. necessary for brotherly luv quotient.


*no guarantee expressed or implied

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