19 May 2010

The Kyle Sowashes 'What's Important (And What's Not)'

well since everbuddy's buddy kyle & his band of merry dudes who look quite similar to him are releasin' a new rec this wknd i figgered i'd dig up one a half-decade old and let ya feast yer ears till at least friday. ain't no one in this town able to even approximate th' magickal melange that comes natcheral to kyle - he's just the damned finest fellow you could ever hope to meet on top of the fact that he books some of the best shows ever ignored by the greater populace of this burg and at the same time he has an emotional intensity level somewhere around 600% of the normal human bean which he focuses on the neverending stream of constantly hi-quality gems he seems to effortlessly sweat from his busy, busy pores. AND he recommended me a wonderful dentist! i'm sure that if you wanted to you could buy all of kyle's releases still, and i would recommend you do so, preferably from th' man himself.


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