09 September 2010

Favors, yep.


ok. i'm not gonna profess to likin' EVERYOLDTHING on this blog - that wouldn't be all true an' it wouldn't be all's fair fer me to only post shiz i do like anyhow, but, um, i can't say anything aboot this band that hasn't already been said i don't think so hey here's someone else's words…

JD Dallas figures out what's next

The Favors may or may not be anymore, having definitely played their last gig with their current lineup at Skully's at the end of June. Will one of the best powerchording guitarists in town, JD Dallas, carry on with his glam rock?

"Well. first of all, we always considered ourselves cock rock," said Dallas with perhaps as much pride as a man can have while still keeping his jeans on. "I mean, it was Shannon me and Steve as what we thought would be an irresistible force of nature, with the right guys backing us up."

But now bassist Steve Patrick is leaving, thanks to marriage, owning his own business and a bad case of tinnitus.

"Shannon and I are thinking of carrying on, maybe as the Dirty Favors, we're not sure," said Dallas. Singer Shannon Malone, surely this town's finest example of half-man/half-lizard front man, is still in it for the long haul.

"At least at our last gig we went out on top," said Dallas. "Skully's smelled like a bait shop."

Like Picasso, Norman Mailer and Miles Davis, he may have a touch of the sexist pig in him, but trust me, JD Dallas is a mother on the powerchord.

(from johnny go's column in th' other paper like three yrs. ago)

*this file incl. two eps and a full-length. haha. full-length. OHNO, favors vibe has gotten to me…

(ps. shannon was in throat and jd was in dogrocket and mediawhores, among other deals.)


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