09 September 2010

Guided By Voices


you were kinda thinkin' this might happen, yeah? even tho' they're from a buncha minutes over thattaway from col's, bobco™ spent many an afternoon/evening more closer to here and even has a wayward member (<---i retain the rights to all unintentional possible new band names accidentally suggested by this post) or three living like in and/or around here. so were i to be a little less bored with running cassettes into th' computer right now i'd start both a short glob of stuff from them as well as the rumored bands-what-aren't-from-here-playing-here-taped-with-my-shit-handheld-tapemachine *NEW SEGMENT* i've been meaning to get to with th' tape of weird inbetweener ric ocasek lp lineup playin' at bernie's but we all know that ain't gonna happen 'least till later so how about this: instead i give ya what are in my not-so-humble-opinion the best two gbv elpees to never quite see th' light of day? ok? ok. little setup: gbv made lotsa songs and therefore lotsa recs but once someone else was payin' that someone (pre-fading cpt. sycophant b.s.) would sometimes say hey you can't put out a rec every month and a half which ended up unfortunate cuz then a lotta th' time ol' bobareeno would keep foolin' with his finished product until it was completely diff sequence-wise or even totally made up of like other newer tunes. in th' case of bee thousand (you can see th' wreck that was on that oddball idea director's cut thingy) and alien lanes (which iz appr. 400% more swell than earlier version 'scalping the guru') well that all ended up swingin' but as far as th' next two albs go th' versions as originally intended are just megagreat and very sadly lost to th' presses and th' masses. under the bushes was called under the bushes when i got this here copy but fer delineational porpoises (again here reminding you aboot that band name ownership deal) i've just gotta use the way-excellent working title 'the flying party is here' for it. a more apt followup to alien lanes, 'party' bears little resemblance to its actually-released cousin, and is probably th' only time a big mishmash of everything from 1- to 24(more?)-track recordings reallyreally gelled for th' dudes. ok, enuff. th' other one iz th' slap from th' gbverde version of th' groop an' prior to release as 'mag earwhig' it was a differently-sequenced, different-feeling piece known as (really!) 'do the collapse,' and since i ain't got anything else to call it (edit: n.c. reminds me that th' version directly after this one - eggzackly thee same 'cept with th' then-freshly-wrote 'sad if i lost it' tacked uncomfortably onto th' start - was indeed titled 'panic on landlord street,' so goes ahead an' retitle it thus if yer itunez brainz iz all con-fuzzed…), 'do the collapse (1997)' it is. caveat: collapse is duped straight off th' tape bob gave me and party is from a tape of th' tape bob gave me (orig was lost by somebody i loaned it to, i am an idiot, yes), so these aren't like museum quality but i mean fuck, it's gbv, and they sounds fuckin' quite quite allreet still.

the flying party is here
do the collapse (1997)


  1. if you get an error message - something that sez 'you can download yaddayadda song from yaddayadda place' rather than the download box - try hitting the links here a coupla more times before ya give up. the files are still there, as of right now.

  2. Thanks for these! Seeing Bob and his gang Saturday night in Chicago.